Pine + Pen Design was formed out of the innate desire to marry the art of watercolor + calligraphy to create simple, friendly paper goods + designs.

Based out of Atlanta, we create all things wedding and paper.

Let's be honest. Custom watercolor invitations are our favorites, but we always love new opportunities and challenges.

And as much as we love creating, we also love people. That's the heart behind why we do what we do. Meeting new friends and building relationships offers a refreshing sense of joy that we truly cherish.


Shannon is an Atlanta native with a creative spirit. She appreciates all things design and lives for the windows-down, music-up kind of days. She loves meeting new people, deepening friendships and eating her ice cream in a mug. 

Shannon's passion for calligraphy + lettering began in high school and college, when she would doodle on just about anything. Pair that with a love for making beautiful details come together-and voila! 

When she's not working on wedding invitations, you can find her sipping on margaritas, sitting under the sun or cheering on the dawgs. 

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